Hi I would think that this subject has been discussed before but I am new to the forum. I lost my wife on Christmas Eve last year and was hoping to get some sort of sign that she is still with me. They say a Robin is a sign, I have seen one once in nearly a year, I have asked a friend also he lost his wife Boxing Day 3 years ago if he had had a sign and he said no, nothing. I know alot do believe and I would like to also. What do others think.

I believe there’s more also. Since my sister died the TV in our bedroom as turned its self on and of randomly in the night for no reason. I checked everything on it to make sure it couldn’t be explained by other reasons. It had never ever done this, before.
Thing is before Tracey died, she knew she was going to, she joked and said ill come and haunt you. I said ill know it’s you if you mess with the TV but don’t blooming interfear with my sky plussing. I beleive it’s her. It happened a lot when she first passed now only now and again, I’ve noticed it happens, when I’ve had a bad day and been talking to her.
I’m not religious but there’s got to be something else, and if it gives us, comfort then that’s, good.

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Hi. vivahc. If you look on my thread ‘Psychic Phenomena’ you will find many examples of communication. A Robin is so often quoted as being seen. Throughout the years a Robin has been seen as sign of a loved one communicating. His red breast being symbolic of the blood of Christ. This may be folk law, but I believe it to be true. There have been so many sightings of Robins after bereavement. But why not a Crow or some other bird? I think it’s because of the symbolism of a Robin. Without any religious connotation the blood of Christ is said to be a symbol of love and peace. Of hope and a relief from pain. I am not religious, but I deal in symbols, which only our unconscious knows and understands as in dreams.
It is not by any means a sign of disapproval or regret that we don’t experience any contact. We need a quiet mind for any communication to manifest.
Take care. John.


Hi vivahc
Please do take a look at the topic ‘Psychic Phenomena’ I think it will interest you reading about other members experiences. I have brought it near to the top of the list, so take a look.
I had no particular thoughts on this subject before losing my husband, now I have no doubts at all.

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H i Tillwemeetagain I have been reading some of the letters regarding signs and dreams are mentioned. I had not dreamt about my Jenny since her passing untill her birthday, and that night I dreamt I was laying in an hospital bed and she was sat beside me talking to somebody on the opposite side of the bed. I could not see this other person. I said to her I’m glad you are here as I know I will see you again one day, I then asked her “What do you do” she told me that she looks after 14 children but gets a day off. What am I to make of that.

Vivahc yes I do believe my husband was a Buddhist and I meditate everyday or try to . One day I had Robs Mala beads and was using a mantra that is said to be powerful . As I was meditating I felt a presence then my cheek felt warm just one cheek ,then I got a strong smell of his aftershave . It was a lovely experience that I had never had before . So in answer to your question I am a believer and if that’s what makes us happy then go with it .

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Hi. Kazza. A mantra is not just something we say over and over for some comfort, as you know. Sounds have certain vibrations. You may be familiar with the sound of ‘OM’ drawn out until in vibrates through the body. Now, once again, we draw on science to prove the power of sound. Metal can be heated if it is exposed to the right sound vibrations.
Meditation is not easy, as you well know. Our minds are chattering away like mad monkeys. Full of ideas and concepts. In bereavement, and during the initial stages, this will happen and be allowed to happen. But as we progress through the pain some of those thoughts cease to have any effect on us, and we may begin to be able to think more calmly. Then may be the time to look at mindfulness and meditation. Not for everyone, of course not.
Thanks for that. John.

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Hi Tillwemeetagain Thank you for your reply it makes me feel very assured that Jenny is around and it certainly makes me happy.