Thank you, I still have the plant, re-potted and waiting for the next show of flowers.

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@Johnch id say that was too much of a coincidence as it didn’t flower before or after, lovely experience, thank you for sharing :heart::heart:

I have had 6 incidents involving light bulbs going in the past 3 weeks since my mum died All are different incidents . Wondering if anyone else has had anything similar with lights or bulbs


That’s so lovely @Johnch . Not much room for doubt is there?

@KarenF i would like to think not, it still feels strange though x

@seychelles I see a lot being said that lightbulbs are one way a beloved one in the spirit world tries to connect with you so I would definitely say in your case!! Thanks xx

I know it seems so strange I just want her back though to chat in the same old way to go out like we used to noth will ever be the same I had such a wonderful kind humble mum

@seychelles I really feel for you, losing the ones that are the closest to us is the most painful things we go through in life. It is a very difficult journey we go on unfortunately & can only take every day at a time. It is nice to think she is trying to contact you & let you know she’s there, I only wish I could have some sign from my partner just to know she’s ok.
Peace & Love to you xx :heart::heart:

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Hi em
I am sure you will get a signThe signs I have had are when I least expect them When I look for them there is nothing at all.Its the hardest thing we all will go through all of this Without sounding awful I just want to go with her
Nothing at the moment is helping me.My husband is wonderful but just doesn’t know what to do or say anymore to help me.He is doing everything for me and I am so grateful but I am in this zombie state of grief not wanting to do anything except sit and cry. I hope you have a sign soon Please let me know if you do and of course keep in touch xDeborah

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Hi Deborah, I know exactly how you feel, I don’t want to be here living this life either. I keep on getting told you want it too much (a sign that is) so will have to be more patient I guess but it’s very hard. I will definitely will let you know & hope I can at some point. Will keep in contact xx

I Had a funny experience just now? I was sitting in the sitting room watching the TV, when I could hear a male voice in the hallway, I froze but decided to go and investigate, in the diner no room is a TV that I don’t use, it was ON that’s where the male voice was coming from, I turned the TV off but it has got me thinking was it my husband? he used to use this TV when he wanted to watch F1…


Could well have been, strange to come on, on its own xx

Hi , strange you should say that about telly, early hours this morning. 20 past five , I was woke by voices , got up to look , and my telly was on in sitting room , I have been puzzled all day about it , after I finished work I googled it , there was some logical reasons how a telly could switch on its self , but none seem to be why mine did , it’s been 16 months since my husband died , I’m hoping it’s him , I still ask him every night to come and get me . Xtake carex


I have had another sign, my husband was a heavy smoker, but gave it up when he became ill, under much protest. The other night while in my bedroom watching tv, i could smell cigarette smoke so strongly. I know that was him letting me know he was happy, smoking away to his hearts content. I told him off for smoking in the house.


Hi @Broken2222 I still ask my husband to come for me.x

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I collected my new car I just wish my husband could be with me, but as I set off there was a rainbow in front of me the whole time I’m taking it as a good omen x


I always believe in the robin saying. That when they appear loved ones are near. Went out with my best friend on Sunday who had recently lost her step dad and we saw 3 robins all together (never seen that many together before) ive lost both my parents and her the 1. Later on our walk a robin was on a brancg so close i could almost touch it and didnt move. Thats enough for me x

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I lost my husband just over 7 weeks ago unexpectedly. I have, like a lot of you in this very unfortunate place we are all in, have spent many days where I still find it hard to believe he is gone. Every time I have a real melt down, I have what I think (or hope) are signs from him…the day after he passed a little robin appeared in my garden and stayed there for about 5 minutes watching me, I also received a delivery of flowers from a friend which were white roses, probably just coincidence but only he knew were my favourite flowers,. Then last week after another bad day I opened my front door and there was a full rainbow in front of me. All can be explained I’m sure but i like to think they were him letting me know hes still about.


Hi Emz
You will get a sign so just hang on for a while. It’s been 3 weeks since my mam passed and I feel so depressed with the grief.I have never suffered with any kind of depression before and don’t even know if this is depression but it sure feels like it must be. I am at my mam’s house at the moment and actually feel better when I am here.I feel here all around me willing me to do this and that.I have spayed her perfume and sat on her chair and talk to her as if she is still here I know that to some people this is probably strange but if it helps me get through even just one day then it’s fine with me.
I have mainly sat and been staring into space with no interest in anything but I still feel her saying positive things to me. My mam was the most wonderful person ever.She was 89 but so positive and such a fun person.Never spoke a bad word about anyone and was so so kind.I only hope I can achieve being a quarter of the person she was and then I will have done myself proud.Oh I am so sorry for going on and on.Thank you for replying to me It really helps me as I check every night if anyone has replied and it lifts my mood so much when I know someone is there
Deborah x


Hi Flower-Garden
Yes I really think that is a sign.There is no other explanation for the TV coming on and the fact that he used to watch it in that room I am so glad you have had a sign.Its wonderful.I hope you feel better after it .Bet he will come through more now so look out for more signs
Deborah x

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