Does anybody look back to just before and see so many signs/warnings, like something was warning you what was coming


@Sah28 my husband had cancer and we knew he wasn’t going to get better. He had been ill on and off for a couple of years but we still did lots together. In the last few months I thought it was just another not so good patch but looking back I now see the signs that he was failing quickly :broken_heart:

My husband was sudden abroad, but the 7 days leading up to it there was signs, I dreamt he’s parents told me they did 2 days later.

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My husband had not been looking well for about 8 months before. His shoulder hurt and was taking pain killers. We and the doctor thought it was a muscle strain from changing the way he carried his bowls. He thought the pain killers were causing problems and he was getting backache from sitting too long. I should have noticed he seemed to be getting a bit jaundiced. He didn’t tell me or the doctor everything. His warfarin level checks were a bit odd but he wasn’t eating properly. The doctor at the hospital did say it wouldn’t have made a difference if it had been diagnosed earlier but he was diagnosed 26th may and died 6th June. No time to adapt. Just about time to say goodbye and find out what he wanted for his funeral.

I mean signs from the “universe” not the person sorry I didn’t make that clear

I dreamt my in laws walked in my house and said he had died 2 days later they did

Yes, I had many signs. When he left the house, I said, have a good last ride. Thought why did I say that, went to go after him but there was something peaceful about him and he clearly hadn’t heard me, so I let him go. He never came home.


It’s really bizarre, it’s like somethings preparing you

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I had a few things. I knew something was going to change, I just didn’t know what.

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Warning maybe :thinking:

I felt the same in the few days before my partner died suddenly of a heart attack.
He’d bought me some flowers the last time I saw him (on a Sunday and he passed away on the Thursday 29th June 2023) and he said “I think they’re forget-me-nots”. I replied to say yes, I think they are. He then said “I know you won’t forget me”. Turns out they actually weren’t forget-me-nots after all but never mind! He had also mentioned to a colleague that he’d had a wonderful life and had no regrets.
On the Tuesday he said “I’m not long for this World”. I said not to say that as I was worrying about him not going to the Doctors about the ache he had in his chest. He also had COPD.
He also told me more frequently that his son would let me know if anything happened to him at home. I was driving to work and got the phone call. My gut feeling just before was telling me something had changed. But I didn’t know what. Then at 8:35am, I found out.

I miss him so much.


It’s so weird how we sense it

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One week to the day I was talking to a friends husband she’d passed away at 34 6 months previous. He was struggling and talking, upset, not wanting to live. And my words will haunt me col I don’t understand what you going through but I’ll listen
Boom 7 days later

My husband would say you’re a long time dead. I hated him saying it. I would tell him to rest I will get plenty of rest when am dead. So weird he died suddenly at 60. I am heartbroken x

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No in my case it came out of the blue, but I’m in Uk she in the states, but she was only early 50s, she was taken by new strain of covid

Wow so you & his Mom/dad could sense it, was going to happen

@Sah28 a couple of strange things happen to me. My friend friend died in the October and wrote something on Facebook about her death. I was thinking that I would be writing something about my husband death on Facebook. My husband died suddenly and unexpectedly 2 months later. Also my husband usually put the Christmas decorations up but this time I decided to do it as I thought just incase I have to do it on my own next year. Really wish he was here as miss him so much. X

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So Sorry Hazel, I’m 55, and I’ve lost a G/F from the U.S state of Florida only 2 weeks ago today, I’m heart broken, I loved her, but its take her death to show me how much I loved her, cause of the distant between us

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