Silent cremation

My Dad died 11/1/23. He didn’t want a funeral. He just wanted a party. So his silent cremation is tomorrow morning. So I guess I just try and do my usual Monday morning of screaming at my children to get dressed and put their shoes on whilst my Dad’s body going into the burner, then go to work like everything is ok. I feel so tearful and low.


Oh Glindey I’m so sorry. Can you take the morning off and go and do something nice where you can reflect on what’s happening. Go and light a candle somewhere or go for a walk or just go for a coffee?


All I can do is send you a hug :hugs: x

I hope you got through the morning as well as you could do. Sending you love, light and strength. This group is amazing. Keep using it.

I’m so Sorry for your loss sending you my prayers and love at this sad time it is so hard losing a parent

I recently lost my mum on the 8th of February this year my mum wanted exactly the same as your Dad a cremation only
Nobody to attend we were told her cremation was the week commencing the 13th of March

By the Wednesday we hadn’t heard anything so my brother rang the funeral people to find out when it would be only to be told Mum was cremated on Monday and they had forgotten to ring us to let us know so instead of being able to say Goodbye in my own way I was working it through no fault of my own I was totally heartbroken and angry

Best wishes for the future

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Hi, so sorry for your loss, I struggled with this too but i think i found the best thing (i think), when my wife passed she didn’t really specify any wishes, her mum said she wanted a direct cremation, i wasn’t sure but she could be a bit feisty and i was scared no one would turn up, tried the local funerals etc and the firm up the road from me said they do them all local, they picked her up, dressed her in what i wanted, let me see her to say goodbye and I got to be at the crem as she came and they took her in, dont think she wanted a church type funeral so I hope its something she could be proud of, take care