simple message from a simple soul to my partner and soulmate

sorry all but this helps me a little
kind regards

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Hi. Ian. No!!! Never apologise. There is no one on here who does not feel for you. My God, we all know only too well. It’s a lovely simple little message and it says it all. Our love will never fade or change as we move on. No matter what happens or what changes in our life that is permanent. The message may help you a little, but it will help some of us a lot. Thank you. Best wishes for the New Year. May some peace and hope be with you.


I know how you feel, I talk to my deceased husband of almost six months e each and every day. I tell him that I love him always, sometimes I ask for his advice or his forgiveness. Sometimes I tell him that I am angry with him for not taking better care of himself and if he had, we would still be together. I’m slowly learning to accept the he is not coming back but that he will always be with me. Your story is very inspirational.

With care, Barbara


thank you Jonathon and Barbara very much appreciated
regards ian