Since you've been gone

Alan, It’s 32 weeks today that you were taken from me.

Since you’ve been gone, my life has been turned up-side down and will never be the same again.
Every minute of every day is something new.
Everything I do reminds me of you.
I believe in time my heart will heal again.
And the sun will shine again.
And memories will become a reason to smile once again.
But I miss you so much xx


Sad, half a year! Take care, always think of you on Sundays because it’s my Anniversary day as well. S xx

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Hi Susie
Thank you. I’m sorry Sunday’s are a bad day for you too.
I just hate the weekends altogether now. Saturday was the last time I saw my Alan, and that was via a virtual visit because of Covid. I was waiting patiently for another visit on Sunday, when I got the dreaded phone call.
It’s just so hard to forget those last two awful days.

Hi, I don’t think you can ever forget those last few days/conversation/words or when hands that touch. I am a lot further down this road but I can tell you everything over those last few days. Good thing is that I keep busy and those memories only come occasionally during the day. Funny, this afternoon I was talking to a lady and there was I telling her about a memory from 2011 last time I did the Great NorthRun. Look after yourself and I will look forward to next weeks poem. S xxxxxx