Single lady not coping loss of a son

Hello. I am new in this support group.

I am a divorced mum who has lost an adult son to cancer aged 29 recently.

I found when my ex husband left me 8 years ago, I lost a lot of friends, but since losing my son recently, I have lost even more frirnds. People have told me they feel uncomfortable and time heals.

I am a very generous, kind and giving lady and I have given so much over the years to my friends , however, I now find I stand completely alone. I have no close friend to talk to as they feel uncomfortable. The same applies to the church, whom knew of my son’s illness but never once asked me to have a one to one chat.

Has anyone had this experience?

Angela. I think I can say that so many of us have felt deserted when grieving.
Family and friends forget so quickly. My husband lived in this road for nearly forty years and me thirty yet not one neighbour has ever knocked my door.
My heart goes out to you in your loss but you are among people on the forum that do understand. Have you a local hospice that hold bereavement groups that you can join.
Keep posting we all understand and you will find it a lifeline when you feel low and alone.

Pat xx


I hope you find some support and comfort on this site.
I don’t have children so can’t begin to imagine your pain.
So called friends and family disappearing is sadly very common.
Like you I’ve supported people over the years, three in particular , two of which never even came to the funeral and never bother to phone me.
I’ve had all the cliches , whoever said time heals hasn’t got a clue !
Although I have siblings they don’t want to talk about what happened either.
It all makes an awful time even worse.
I went to a counsellor in the end which helped a little .

Wishing you well at this sad time. Jx

so sorry for your loss,and the added stresses of friends leaving you as oppose to supporting you.not had the same type of loss,but losing my partner of 28 years and find out that Jaynes parents and family have never liked me so as oppose to getting support and comfort I had nothing but extra grief cant say it made me feel worse as losing Jayne as devastated me and I cannot imagine living without the most important person ever to come into my life not being their.i hope you find help and manage to learn to live with the loss of your son.

I have a son 32 he is my world, I cannot imagine your pain nor do I want to. I am so sorry for your loss, I posted a thread about lost friends, I was amazed at first but sadly it seems to be the norm, ironic really at a time when you need people the most it seems to be human nature for them to shy away. Being on here will help. Take care x

I meant I don’t want to because I couldn’t handle it! X