Update 8 weeks now,
I am feeling a tiny bit better ( i think, maybe just having a good hour or two ) anyway i got my sis back with me in my home now.
Candles lit with sis pic , i am thinking of making a memory bear , i am a good artist, so drawing a bear is easy, cut material , sew together and filled with foam ( hmm need foam) Maybe use a cushion on my sofa. I live alone, only need 1 cushion haha.
Something fun i guess to do and meaningful tribute to dear sister. ( Hope you watching and reading this sis ) Guess i will know when your ready again.
Love you c. xxx (Mam is ok by the way ok)

Hi @Col11 ,

This is a wonderful idea - thank you for sharing it with us :blue_heart:

Take good care,

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Thank you Alex , appreciate your post.