I lost my sister 2 months ago , she was 47 and passed away very unexpectedly, its the 1st time ive had to deal with grief like this , im having trouble accepting any of it


Sorry for your loss. I haven’t lost a sibling so can’t say I know how it feels. I’ve lost lots of people in my life, my dad who was also my best friend and many others. It’s so hard losing someone so close and I hope you find the strength to carry on.

So sorry that you have joined this club none of us want to belong to.

It’s v hard isn’t it. iOS over 2 years for me and I think about my sister every day. Miss her enormously but can remember the good times too.
I have found this forum helpful. I hope you will too.

Iv had other grief I lost a daughter, yes that was worse.
I lost my parents, but, losing my sister is worse. We don’t prepare to lose our siblings we asume we will
All grow old together. Heart goes out to you x

It’s so hard, I feel like him grieving the relationship we had the future we will never have and simply my best friend whom I never got to say goodbye too. Every time I laugh I feel sad because my sister is the one I’d have instantly relayed the story too, I know ur pain, I too am here trying to make sense.
Lifes Purpose seems to have lost all meaning

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Ive looked up the stages of grief but that doesnt seem to apply to me ,everything is so muddled up

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@Tattoo grief is a very personal journey. It’s the loss of your person, the future that you should have had. There are no rules with grief. Just take each day as it comes, try not to think to far ahead. Everyone’s loss is different, it does get easier, the waves of grief get less intense and it’s longer between each wave but this is a journey that doesn’t end, you just learn to live with it.


I’m sorry for your loss :cry: & the devestating pain that comes with it :broken_heart:

I’m sorry for your loss. I’ve lost two sisters since last June - I feel very isolated as I’ve lost three sisters so far in My life, so my family is getting smaller. I have a step sister and a half brother left. My step sister and I have been getting closer.

I’m going through grief and I feel that having continued trauma has just meant I e got to a stage where I cannot take a lot more. I’m be worked out that I’m three years I’ve lost 2 friends and 5 family members.

I’m sure at some stage the pain will reduce for you and I, but know it will be very raw for a while x

I really feel for you. That is a lot of sorrow to bare.

I am so sorry for your loss, I am also struggling with the loss of my sister, I never knew the pain would be so bad, I miss her every day and often think I will just text her then realise I can’t. I truly sympathise with you