Sisters scent

So this is a bit weird (I think, maybe people will disagree). Ive taken to wearing perfume after getting a really nice bottle as a 40th birthday present last year. I didnt really wear it before.

My sister always wore perfume and it was a really comforting scent. She had a small number she alternated between but they all had similar undertones etc.

I feel like im forgetting things i dont want to forget about her. Its been just over a year since she died and i feel like im forgetting that comforting smell. My sister and i were so close, she was 9 years older than me, lived an hour from me and was my home. My safety and security. Feeling like ive forgotten that scent has really upset me.

So i bought a bottle of one of the perfumes she wore. While there was a part of me that figured that, since we were so similar in every other way, perfume may not be that different and it might suit me. But a bigger part wanted to be reminded of that comforting scent.

I was ok with this, even the cry i had when i smelt it again for the first time, until one of my friends said she thought it was odd i was trying to hold on to her scent like that. That it was unhealthy and stopping me dealing with it.

I normally totally trust this friend but its given me a bit of a wobble.

What are peoples thoughts on this? Is it weird?

I don’t think it’s weird, it seems perfectly understandable to me. We all do what we need to do to survive our loss and there’s no right or wrong way, only what you feel is right for you. So you should keep wearing the perfume if it comforts you and ignore what your friend says in this particular instance. :heart:

i havent done any of that but there are lots who do, the smell brings them peace etc. do what you want nothing to do with anyone else