Site downtime: 9am - 9:15am Wednesday 15th November

Hello everyone,

I just wanted to let you know that we’re doing a routine upgrade of the community’s platform (which is called Discourse) tomorrow morning. This means you may not be able to access the community from 9am until approximately 9.15am

When the site has been upgraded to the latest version, you will notice a few changes.

The main changes are to the menu navigation.

It will now look like this:

You will now able to edit which categories appear in your menu. If you would like to, you can re-order categories, as well as select and deselect categories. For example, if you visit one category a lot, you can move this to the top of your menu.

Clicking your profile icon now groups your:

  • Notifications (the bell): This is for all your notifications.

  • Replies: This is where you can see who has replied to, or quoted you, in a post.

  • Likes: Where you can see likes on your posts

  • Private messages: Where you can quickly access your private messages, and see notifications of new messages or responses

  • Bookmarks: Where you can quickly access posts that you have bookmarked

  • Other notifications: This is to let you know of actions taken on your posts or conversation - for example, if a member has linked to a post or thread you have made in their own post.

  • Your profile: Where you can access your profile, edit your profile or update your preferences.

If you need urgent support while we’re offline, you can find urgent help here.

If you have any questions or concerns, please do get in touch at You can also private message me or any of the Sue Ryder team any time - we are here to help.

Take good care,

Hello :wave:

I’m getting some feedback that the text when writing a message is too small. I’m just letting you know I’ve passed this onto our developers and will report back soon.

If you see anything behaving strangely or something that doesn’t look as it should, please do let me know by dropping me a PM or emailing Thank you :blue_heart:

Hello again,

This has now been resolved and the text when writing a post or thread should now be back to its normal size.

If when writing a post or thread the text still looks small for you, please follow the steps in this link to clear your cache and try again.

Sorry to anyone who was affected by this issue, and thanks for letting me know.

Take care