Six months alone

6 months today since I lost my Neil, this doesn’t get any easier. I hate this life. Sometimes it feels like a life time since I saw him others yesterday. I miss him so much, I just want to be with him :broken_heart:


Oh I am so sorry for your lost I lost my son about 6 months ago I know it’s a different kind of loss, but I can relate to the pain. I have been on the site for about 2 weeks now and it has helped me to release some of my feelings that I’ve been holding in. It helps to share and to respond and I hope you have a good experience or have had a good experience here. I send hugs to you💗

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Dear Lisefin

Your message made me want to reach out to you and welcome you to Sue Ryder grief chat.
I’m so sorry for the loss of your husband, six months is no time at all when you’ve lost someone you love. You will find such help and understanding here from people who are actually experiencing what you are going through too, or who have been where you are. I hope you find comfort from this.

We do have bereavement counselling here, or there are other organisations you can contact. The Samaritans - phone number 116123;

Sending you hugs,


Thank you, am sorry for your loss too. Its so hard isn’t it . Its a brilliant site wouldn’t of got through the first few months without the lovely people on here. Hugs to you too xx

Thank you Michelle I have been on here for a while. I would never of got through the first few months without the help and kindness of the people on here . Hugs to you too xxx

Hi. Yes it doesn’t get any easier .8 months now without my hubby . I miss him and love him more and more each day . Now my life is just sad and lonely. But just plod on each day till I am with him again . That is my future. I’m sure you feel the same. Thinking of you .x xtake carex


Yes exactly the same, my life has no purpose anymore. Thinking of you too. Take care xx

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I feel your pain I would love to be able to get out of this life now I cannot describe the pain and distress I go through every day 7 months on. I have no family now and friends say get out and go for a walk but I feel numb all the time and my face is swelled with all the crying I do. The only thing I can see on this forum that I am no different from a lot of people on here.


Hello @Miche24

I’m sorry if I cause offence but could you refrain from saying
…‘Welcome you to Sue Ryder grief chat’
and maybe say ‘sorry you are having to join Sue Ryder grief chat’ …it upsets me as it’s not a ‘welcome’ its out of utter despair that we need a place to find support.
Thank you for understanding.
Amy x

Hi Amy,

I will certainly take your view on board and apologise if my words hurt you. We can none of us know how others will react to our words. Grief makes us sensitive I know. What I was trying to do was say well done for having the courage to reach out to us on here. I can assure you it was said with compassion and the will to help.

My best wishes,

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Sorry Miche24, I have been feeling anger as to why did Marti have to die, I so miss him.
Your right it does take courage for people to reach out on here, on my own reflection I felt vulnerable when I first came on here, but desperately needed others support. You are compassionate to people on here and its a comfort that volunteers like you are helping us.
Amy x

Dear Amy

How are you today? Your response was generous, so thank you for accepting it in the way it was meant.
I knew you were angry and understand those feelings which we then direct at something or someone. I think we’ve all done it.
So, you know you have friends on here, including me, so continue to keep in contact, we are always here for you and are sorry life is so tough having lost your wonderful partner.

Thinking of you,

Miche24 x

That I fear is my future! 7 weeks since that fateful day!
I often say how long do I have to stay here on my own!!!
I have a son and a daughter and 2 wonderful grandsons, yet I just want my husband back xx

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Hi so sorry for your loss. Nearly nine months without my one true love . I know this is not what you want to hear. But I think it is getting worse as the time goes by. I miss him more and more each day . I know I have no future without hubby . He is all I have known since I was 16 . So now this life is a life I don’t know .don’t understand what I should be doing. Don’t know how to live it without hubby. Don’t want to live it without my hubby. But I know it’s not my call. I only live for the day I will die and be back in hubby’s loving arms. I don’t think this will help you. But we do know and understand how you feel , it is so hard and heartbreaking.xtake carex

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I do not doubt what you tell me!
My Chris and I met in school at 13 years of age, we had never been apart, so yes I get where you are coming from! I too fear a life on my own, I like you have never lived on my own or ever wished too!
I guess 50/50 this was going to happen to one of us, just think life is cruel as Chris never got to see 64 years of age, his birthday is tomorrow 12/6/22
I am dreading it , I cannot like you see any future life with anyone purpose to it, I will return to work in July , then I guess it will be work/home and abject loneliness!
I have a son and daughter and 2 lovely grandsons, I enjoy their company, though they must get on with their lives xx
I like you am wishing to be back in my husband’s arms, I hate the title widow!
Thoughts to you xx

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