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My name is Monika. I have lost my mum in 2017 in September. I feel very detached from feelings. Lost of guilt around. Last three years I found the most useful taking to people who also lost someone. Is there anybody willing to talk via skype about our experiences( there is also possibility to have group video chats there). I am based in London so I can also meet people in person

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Hi Monika,
I sorry for your loss. I believe this site offers counselling. Perhaps, you might find that useful? I think they offer six sessions.

Hi everyone,

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I am still waiting for users to contact me through private message. I think the most rewarding is contact when we can see and hear each other instead of writing because it gives only a glimpse of true contact…

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I would be more than willing to chat via Skype or any other medium xx

Justine xx


I am trying to send you a private message but I see some internal error. Could you send me private message, please?

Yes of course xx

Hi I tried to send you a personal message but it came back the same ‘Error’ x

I have replied to your private message, Sarrah.

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Hello, Priscila,
I have been getting the error message for a few weeks now, my pm’s are arriving to their recipiants as I am receiving replies.