Sleep anxiety

I suffer from sleep anxiety and have not been able to sleep without pills since my husband died. I get rushes of adrenaline in my stomach and throat spasms. It’s horrible. Does anyone else experience these issues and what have you tried to help with sleep. I know worrying about it makes it worse but I can seem to help it x

Nel I can’t sleep much as soon as I go to bed my mind works overtime always back up by 2oclock it’s grieve nel what we are going through lv annie x

I too had problems with sleep and refused tablets. I was advised to try alternative therapies and all I tried worked, some better than others but I had a result and even now still use reiki. I do feel when we can’t sleep we will try anything. Hope this is helpful. S xx

I suffer with sleeping too and have for years. I really do find that listening to meditation tracks helps me fall asleep.

I use the apps ‘Breethe’ and ‘Slumber’. For access to everything on there you have to pay monthly, however I just use the free ones. There are many different types of tracks and sleep stories that really relax your mind. I listen to them through ear phones at a low volume and fall asleep to them most nights. :heart:

I’ve tried a lot of different therapies but still my mind will not switch off. I was only having about an hour per night for months afterwards and in the end I had to go on some medication for my anxiety. It helped with getting a decent nights sleep or else I would have been unable to function. I’m having to still work two days a week to help with finances so needed the help