I lost my partner almost two years ago. There are days when I feel overwhelmed with grief. There are days when I feel my life was just a dream. It seems so long ago since I held him and at the same time it feels like yesterday. Sleep eludes me without tablets. I try to sleep but my chest feels light and my stomach feels as if it won’t relax. I overthink it and feel I may never sleep again without the tablets. Is anyone else struggling with this x


I lost my husband 8 months ago and I have just this week started to sleep I could sleep no problem when he was here. I haven`t taken tablets but I try and clear my mind when I wake and think of something good this might help. Lack of sleep is a nightmare just adding to how we feel hopefully you can sort it x


Hi I lost my husband 3 years on the 10th April. I am still overwhelmed with grief . I am wide awake from every morning and find it difficult to get back to sleep and then just lay there thinking over our life we shared which makes the grief even worse to cope with . I miss him so much it physically hurts .


Hi I lost my husband suddenly will be two years next month I do not sleep all night hard to get off to sleep also I play calm sleep stories help some times then I wake around 3 realize it’s not a dream his not beside me it’s awful for us all on here dealing with everything alone some times I go to bed early just to shut it all out but it does not go away does it I hope you all manage to get some sleep
Sending hugs xx


I am the same. After two years and four months, I still struggle with sleeplessness, have to take anxiety meds, otherwise I wouldn’t get a wink of sleep. I also often wake up at 3am and start getting fidgety, panicky, unable to get back to sleep. I’m lucky if I manage to get five hours.


Hi Nel,
My husband died two years ago too. I get to sleep but don’t stay asleep. I wake several times throughout the night which is about the same times he used to get up to go to the loo. A cycle I don’t seem to be able to break.
I have mild antidepressant to help me sleep or I would be awake most of the night. If I didn’t have help I couldn’t function at work the next day.
Yes I know that feeling my past life was a dream it’s a very old sensation, but then this reality I’m living now doesn’t seem real either.
Debbie x


Have you tried stories to fall asleep to, pod cast icon on iPhone, I find it really helps. Tried white noise, ocean and rain. But calm tone of voice really helps, I listen to one called nothing much happens . Hope it helps x

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