Any tips for struggling to sleep?
My partners death was quite traumatic and I her flash backs and dreams most nights. I really struggle to fall asleep and then I can’t go back to sleep after being woken by a dream.
I’ve tried the basics like lavender, bubble baths, herbal tablets.
Anything anyone can recommend will be much appreciated x

Hi @Nlhx96 ,

Thank you so much for sharing this with the community :blue_heart: I’m sure someone will be along to offer their support, but I just wanted to share this useful guide on sleep Sue Ryder Grief Guide .

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Hi @Nlhx96. Ive been there, and understand how troubling it can be. You could try yoga, or relaxation techniques. Thats what I did, and it was some help, but not a permanent solution. It was only when I tried solution- focussed hypnotherapy which stopped my brain going out of control and regurgitating unwanted thoughts, wether I was daydreaming or having nightmares. Dont worry, its nothing like the hypnosis stage acts, and you wont start clucking like chicken!
I didnt use this contact, but it explains it better than I can. I used anothet therapist, but over zoom, and it worked brilliantly
Have a good read .

@Alex Thank you so much. I’m gonna go through the tv and music lists


Sorry to hear this,so sorry for your loss,
I would just lie their,close my eyes,and at least that way your body is getting some of the rest it needs. What helps me is concentrating on a color,5 minutes later, i am fast asleep. Hope this helps,Take Care,Lucy,xxx

I use YouTube . There are lots of videos on there, about an hour in length - search “sleep hypnosis” or “mindfulness relaxation for anxiety” or any words like that in combination and they will pop up. pick any one really. Sound like a lot of twaddle to start with, ( breathe deeply, think of a happy place, that sort of thing ) but I’ve got quite used to the soothing voices which most of them have and relaxation techniques on offer. It’s a bit like being read a bed-time story I suppose. I have bad tinnitus as well, so it distracts from that too. Good luck.

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I agree youtube relaxation techniques are good.
A while ago I read a tip about lying awake in bed, churning the same thoughts time and time again. The advice I read is to get up, have a snack and a caffeine free cuppa. Then dont go back to the same old bed, try somewhere else. In 10 minutes, I’m asleep and stay asleep for quite a few hours.
I now spend the second half of the night on the settee.

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If I get up it’s game over. Good it works for you though. I resisted the YouTube mindful things but had to concede in the end that they do work. I still think it’s bedtime stories for grown ups though… There is a stack of stories by narrators like Cumberbatch and Dench that I have never heard the end of. It’s just good to have a human voice I reckon. Things can get grim in the early hours…