So alone

How do all get use to the aloneness of been on own .it’s like when u go about everyday then come back to the empty house gets me and cooking for just me making tea etc for just me and the quietness and not having another human to talk to and share stuff with .
How can u get over that.

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I don’t know so bloody hard to do anything
All I seem to do is sob all the time
Can’t face work can’t face life now
Take care xx

Personally i haven’t and can’t. I stumble from one hour to the next however I can. Shake a lot feeling like something awful is happening. I have only seen my neighbour for a 5 min chat (and he didn’t even know who I was so the first minutes were explaining) and the postman a couple of time to say “thanks” in almost 2 weeks but I do have videocalls/calls for work sometimes.
I’m really lonely but also no one in person alleviates it and I dreading lockdown ending. I don’t know the answer.

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Yes why going to set up a group for the greiving as think be good for people to connect not to be alone and to suffer.
Hat do u think .

I feel so lonely. The days i cry and tbe evenings on my own in front of the TV is unbearable.
I too keep shaking especially my hands, I’m on auto pilot and I keep thinking when does this pain end, who am I and who will I be in the future. I also have scary thoughts that are overwhelming because Martin isn’t here with me. I really am struggling without him. Really miss him, its so hard without him.
Love and hugs to you all xx

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maybe Maxkinahan. I don’t drive and I’m kinda terrified leaving my house now but others probably would like it. Do you mean a group in person?

I don’t mind what about a zoom meeting online font have yo leave house etc if don’t want y just connect and share etc.

Hi amy59,
Would u be interested in a zoom meeting to
connect with others going through same thing remember u are not alone.
Love and hugs Barbara .

zoom could be :+1:good yes good idea.

Hope you are all managing ok tonight. I’ve got local kids playing football right outside my house (their parents don’t let them outside theirs!!) in the dark and I’m dreading the ball going in my garden, hitting the house or my husband’s car. Now I have to deal with them alone too.