So Alone

There is only one person I want with me to get through today . He died on 25th Feb , we were together for 4o years. I registered his death today and is my birthday tomorrow. I have never felt so alone and so bereft in my life. I have family and amazing friends but the only person who I want to help me through is my Ian. Love him so much and miss him more than I can express.


Sending you love for your birthday tomorrow. :heart:
I am sure Ian will be by your side whatever you decide to do tomorrow and will surround you with good energy.
You can have amazing friends and family and still feel like it’s not enough, 40 years is a long time to have shared your life with someone and everyone else isn’t him.
I hope you can find some light tomorrow and do something that will bring you joy, even if it’s only for a few minutes :pray:t3:


So sorry for you ots an awful job that is - registering them :frowning: i has my son with me when i did it but it was still awful ! I was in disbelief tbh :frowning: you will feel his spirit with you on your birthday… i did on mine in june xxx


Sending you love for your birthday today. It will be very difficult but you will get through it. Maybe buy yourself a present from him, that’s what I did and it helped. Treat yourself today. Ian will be looking after you today and everyday.

Sending you love today.
I lost my husband in January and my birthday was a month later. I just about got through it with the help of a friend and I felt my husband with me. They will always be by our sides. xx