So alone

It is 10 months today since I said goodbye to Chris, we had been together 35 years and I just can’t stop crying today.
Please tell me that this will get better. I feel completely broken :broken_heart: and although I have found new ventures and met some great new friends I can’t imagine ever being able to get used to being without him I am surrounded by people but still feel so alone


Hi @Annde
It’s only 3 months since I lost my husband after 42 years together. But I understand how you feel.
I’m lucky to have support from family and friends. But that does not stop me feeling alone, even when I’m with people.
I too feel completely broken :broken_heart: and don’t think I’ll ever heal.
All I can do is take small steps and relish the good days, knowing the bad ones are just waiting to slap me down. I will never ever stop missing him but I told him I’d be ok and would carry on with my life, so somehow I’ve got to.

Sending you big hugs


I lost Bob since months ago after 44 years together. I still cry and sometimes it hits you at the most unexpected times. Always cry at night before I go to sleep. It is OK to cry. :heart:


I am trying my hardest to be social when I get invites. I feel very alone even when I am with others. I no longer feel special, although my family love me.


@Annde i am coming up to 2years, and the intense bouts crying gets less. This is your mind trying to release the excruciating pain of the loss of your beloved. I was with linda since i was 15, so I can only comment from my perspective in that i will never be right again. That doesn’t mean i dont go out or have a very loving , supportive daughter and joyous grandaughter. The black hole still exists at my core. With time, i am able to control the severity of my grief, but know i will carry this until i die, as this is the price we pay. I would not want it any other way. Please look after yourselfs, keep posting, i now keep a daily diary as i find this help. Allen


I lost my husband nearly 4 years ago and have had many phases in that time

I got on with the post death jobs and other jobs but now feel flat

The ratio of time with them to apart is a lot and it is a big void

I have had some crying times too