So angry!

It’s 11 months today since my Malc died and for the first time I felt really angry with him for leaving me! Then I spent the rest of the day in tears because I have never felt angry with him and I didn’t want to get like that. This grief malarkey is rubbish isn’t it??

Hi sorry for your loss 6 months with me I did not get angry at first but now I do I even shouted at him the other day why did you leave me and threw-a sofa cushion at him where he used to sit on sofa. I’m 59 Mick was 64 it’s very hard.

Hi Kim. They say uts not uncommon I was always the most chilled person ever , I never really got angry but since my dad went suddenly may 2018 and then gregg may 2019 I am angry all the time ranging from rude people to dad and gregg leaving me. I don’t live in the best area but I don’t care anyone even tries to come in my house they will be beaten as much as I don’t want this to happen part of me doesn’t care as people better not mess with me , I hate most people and situations now ! My mum says I’m horrible and can’t understand why I am like this even though she lost her husband ! I shout alot especially at gregg then cry and beg him to come back even though I know he won’t as I keep his ashes next to our bed x

Don’t think your a horrible person we are grieving angry I been told is one of our emotions it’s hard been alone especially in the house at night you think all sorts of things x Take care

12 weeks for me and monday and im really struggling so angry and hurt my partner left me the way he did he should still be here now i miss him i want him bavl but cannot have that feel everyone is leaving me and im scared x