So Angry.

I have heard of the different stages of grief and I have several stages to experience yet!
It’s only been 6 weeks since I lost my husband unexpectedly. We have only been married for 9 beautiful months.
But I haven’t anger at him leaving me I feel intense anger because I wake up every morning! I feel I’m being punished by having no purpose in life but made to live it anyway.


Hello @Tizzy1,

I’m so sorry for the loss of your husband - that is devastating. It’s no wonder you’re feeling so angry when he was taken from you so soon.

I just want to reassure you that anger is completely normal when we’re grieving. If you click the magnifying glass and search, “Anger”, you can read some stories from others on anger and how they cope.

You might also find these Sue Ryder resources helpful in coping with your grief.

Take good care and keep reaching out,

@Tizzy1 Sorry you have joined a club that no one wants or is prepared for. Grief takes you to the darkest of places. It’s rips into every orifice of your relationship and life. It will stay with you forever


It does get easier. You do find a way to get through each day. At first you feel like your being dragged through life kicking and screaming but eventually you will learn that life will only get better with your help.

The raw pain does go and is replaced by a dull ache which will also go. Days will be less painful and instead of every day, grief will come in waves, some will knock you flat out, other days they will wash over you, and some days are actually calm.

A new normal resumes but it is about how you want to go forward that makes the difference and it’s going to take some effort.

For now at this early stage, take each hour at it comes, don’t think ahead as it’s so painful. Let the tears flow, be angry, shit, scream, get pissed off, it’s all ok.

Keep a diary and write down everything you want to say to him. It helps getting it out and it helps to look back and be reminded of how far you have come since day one.

Eat and drink when you can. Take all the help that’s offered. Take care.


The stages of grief don’t come consecutively you can feel all of them at any time in any order


Oh goodness me that’s so cruel , much too soon.
The process you mentioned is not a straight line and it offers information to help us understand the enormity of grief and what we may be feeling what we are at any given moment.
Anger being one of those emotions that snatch you . Talk about it, write about it get it out ! Our emotions can be loud quiet or silent , but are all messages telling us something important . Listen with care and gentleness your answers will come . You may already know what’s pushing that .
If not wait a little longer :broken_heart:

I am so glad I found this site! I felt so alone. But now i know that sadly so many people feel what I feel. Thank you for all the kind words I have received they have helped me so much and taking all the advice on board. :heart::heart::heart:

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