So comforted.

At last its arrived.

My 9ct gold ring with an amethyst coloured stone embracing a few of my darling wife Anne’s ashes. She now holds my hand where ever I am :purple_heart:


Beautiful :heart:

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Hello @James71. That ring is very tasteful and I hope your lovely wife Ann would be so happy for you, and yes - she will hold your hand for evermore.
Love and light. x

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Hi James
Your ring is absolutely beautiful, I’m going to have a ring made of
my darling Ray who passed away 6 months ago .Reading your post just now
you have given me so much comfort by saying Anne will always be holding
your hand . I never thought of it that way but how true it is . Going to get mine
ordered very soon now . You may not think so but thank you .
Jan x

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That’s lovely,and such a comfort for you. I have a silver locket with some ashes in but am going to get a ring too x


That’s beautiful! Me and my children are going to have some jewellery made. It keeps your loved one close.

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