So completely lost

Hi can I go on when my poor poor husband has gone. He had only just turned 64 the week before he died. I have let him down and failed him in so many ways


I ask this too but it’s four months now that I lived without him and how could time have passed so quickly, we do the best we can in such terrible circumstances try not to beat yourself around, if he was here I’m sure he would reassure you, there’s enough pain in the loss sending love and hugs xx

Thank you for your kind words. And I am sorry for your loss. My husband was 54, not 64, as I had typed. He had been very ill with alcoholism, but was making a recovery. He was out of hospital and did not want to die. I am so devastated that, when he did, he died alone. I should have been with him.

Life is cruel, my husband fought to his last breath, because of covid we couldn’t see each other when he was in hospital no visitors allowed and it’s so hard to accept, grief will play tricks with your mind but keep thinking you did the best you could in such horrible circumstances and anything else probably would not have changed the outcome, look after yourself you’re vulnerable right now and need love and kindness from yourself as well, we’re all on the same heartbreaking road take care xx

Thank you. L

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No you have not ,we are all here for you.Love and hugs Michael x

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