So confused.

My husband passed away on the 5th December.
We were living apart due to circumstances (it would take an essay to explain) we have a wonderful daughter together.
And it’s all of a sudden hit me that he’s never coming home. I’ve been so strong for our daughter, she’s devastated and has lost her sparkle. I’ve bought her a star and called it daddy star she’s getting so much support and her school has been fantastic.
But the last thee weeks I’m getting panic attacks, I can’t sleep or eat. There was just so much left un said and unknown. I lay awake and think about how things should have been sorted out and so many things said and done. I cry and shake all the time, I know I can’t fix this and the pain is unbearable. They say time is a healer but I really don’t think this feeling will ever go away.
Thank you for reading.

Hello Beany, the circumstances of the past doesn’t alter the fact that you have lost someone special. It’s hard to come to terms with what has happened but there is help out there both for and your daughter. Cruse counselling have special trained councillors for children and I am sure they would help her and you. Please reach out and get help from either Cruse or Sue Ryder because I am certain you need to be able to talk to someone about your worries. We can all think we are strong and can deal with life but sometimes we all need help. Yes, time does heal but it’s not that simple and at the start a little help is useful. Try to relax and remember the tomorrow is another day and perhaps with a little help tomorrow will be a better day. S xx