So Deeply painful

The pain I feel when I want to tell my mum something or ring her and realise I can’t and never will again is so deeply painful and so hard to put into words , I just have a sick kicked in feeling deep inside and feel like I want to cry but stop myself as whats the point it won’t change anything and I just feel exhausted anyway so just don’t have the energy, its a horrible place to be


Dear @tixy

I am sorry for the pain you are going through. Losing a parent leaves a big empty hole in our lives. It is a horrible place to be.

There is a book I would like to recommend to you which may be of use to you from Amazon and it called Healing After the Loss of Your Mother: A Grief & Comfort Manual. It is written by Elaine Mallon. It is a heartfelt and practical guidebook for those mourning the loss their mother. It would be worth taking a look and other books on the topic of the Loss of Your Mother.

On the website Sue Ryder here there is bereavement support and information which you may find helpful.

Please continue to reach out here and take care of yourself.


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It’s been 18 months since my mum died and I still find myself frequently thinking ‘I’ll need to tell mum that’ or going to take a photo of something to show her. Then I remember I can’t.

I was bridesmaid at my cousin’s wedding the other week and halfway through getting my makeup done I suddenly thought, ‘I wish my mum was here.’ Burst into tears and couldn’t stop; I miss her so much and I am so sad for all the things she’s missing out on. still feels so unfair.

Thanks for mentioning this book, I’m going to buy it too.