So desperate for company

I am totally aware if the present situation we are all in with the current government restrictions .
I can’t wait for it all to be over I am a people person so I’m not coping with this being alone at all , I just need to be with people not even doing anything but just being with someone and having company.
It’s driving me insane .I am a front line worker and some how I have managed to bag a weeks annual leave and to be honest it’s the worst thing I could have done because apart from supporting my 5 year old grandson with his virtual schooling two days this week Iv not seen or heard from anyone .

Hi Kazzer

Have you tried video calling to friends, as uou are front line worker it would help you to have a rest away front stress.
Someone told me maybe my friends are not calling me because they are waiting for me to call them. Now i try to call them however some of them dont reply somehow at the same time of losing a partner also lost so called friends.

I am here to chat if you wish.