So guilty

I never thought I would need to do this but my heart is breaking. My beautiful Mum is receiving palliative care in hospital and we are unable to be with her. The guilt I am feeling is unbearable. I have been told she is asleep most of the time and doesn’t really know anything but that is not making it any easier. My family are all devastated and I am trying to hold them up but it is such a struggle.

Covid just makes it so complicated. If I went I couldn’t see my Dad and I really need to be here for him. My brother lives with my Dad so it’s not safe for him to visit. We are not a very big family.

Yes, she caught it in hospital.

I personally would go be with your mum. Your dad has your brother with him. So at least then each parent has someone with them. Then all the worry and guilt will lessen once you are with her