So lonely and Don't know what to do with myself

I just want to talk to him and have things back to the beginning before all this crap. It probably sounds really selfish but Nobody gets it or wants to care and listen for a while.

I know it’s my own journey to grieve but I have no idea how to live or cope in this field of emptiness.
Money is stupid scarse and I’m afraid that things are going to get alot worse.

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Jembella, I think we all desperately long to have things back to how they were. A deep craving for them. I lost my Mum suddenly 11 months ago. Everyone, on here does understand and they will listen.
The only way to cope is to take it hour by hour on the rough days.
If there are money concerns you could try checking out this Martin Lewis link. Just in case you can get something. Take care

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Thank you. Just really struggling everyday.