So lonely

I have no family left except my mum and a couple siblings (who I’m not very close to, one I haven’t spoken to in years the other I just tolerate). I know once my mum goes I won’t have anyone at all. I’m sad for my mum too she has no family other than us kids who are all grown but have not formed any long-lasting attachments (no long-term partners or kids amongst any of us). I don’t ever plan on having a family of my own so I’m going to be very alone. I know family isn’t the be all and end all as the relationship with my siblings has proven but now I just lost my grandmother (who I was lucky to have as long as I did) I feel SO alone. I’m a late baby and I can’t even put into words the long lasting effect this has had on my life and how lonely it has made me, I’ve lost out on 20 years with parents and grandparents, I think when my mother goes I will go with her.


Dear @Bethany2022

Apologies for the delay in replying and thank you for sharing what must have been a hard post to write.

I am sorry you feel so alone. No one should feel like that and I do think it would be helpful if you could talk to your GP as to how you are feeling and for support.

I do not know if you work but if you do, do you have work colleagues or friends that you can talk to and socialise with?

Mind organisation has information on how to manage loneliness and it would be worth having a read.

Please do not feel you are alone and continue to reach here as much as you need to. We as a community are here for you.

Take care.


Hi Pepsi,

Yeh I plan on talking to my GP soon if I can get in. Unfortunately no one can magic up any family, I don’t see the point without that. I have work friends but no one I socialise with outside of that. If I was 70 I wouldn’t mind so much but being mid 30s and only having an elderly mother for family, well it’s not good. I’m a loner anyway so usually I wouldn’t care but it’s hit me really hard losing someone so close, I just wish I’d never been born.

Dear @Bethany2022

It will be good for you to talk to your GP and I do hope you get an appointment soon. Having friends there is supportive and at least you can talk to them if you need to.

Please continue to reach out here. We are here to support you in any way we can or if you prefer please email

Take care