So lonely

Nearly five months since I lost the love of my life, my husband, I am so lonely not seen or spoken to anyone for three days. I have a lovely son and daughter in law and two beautiful grandchildren they are really good but have their own lives to lead so I try not to bother them too much. Just feel if this is life what is the point but then I look at the poor Ukrainian people and think pull yourself together I am so lucky to have what I have but the one important thing is missing and I can’t get him back.


Hiya lost my gorgeous husband 15month ago but I ha e 2 beautiful children and 2 granddaughters so have to plod onwards lv annie x x x


Dear Su2,
I agree with every thing you say… I to have children and grand children but it doesn’t replace our partners and I also try not to bother them to much as they have their own lives and I wouldn’t want to be a burden. It’s hard keeping up the mask though as they are sad as well.
It’s the little things I find hard like Pete not being there when I want to talk about nothing or just a load of nonsense . Dropping me off in town and picking me up later. A cup of tea when I didn’t feel very well …
Not sure what the answer is but you’re not on your own with the way you feel.
Love Jenny x


Hey Su, I lost my husband in January and I absolutely understand the loneliness and isolation. It is hard. I shut myself away, too. I found making myself do things, with an escape route, helped me get back into things again. A walk with a friend. A trip to the opera - I did Act 1 and came home - feeling triumphant that I had got that far. I went out to our favourite place on a sunny Sunday. Little steps have worked for me. Keep going, Su, and people here understand so keep posting.

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