So lost

I lost my mom suddenly week before Christmas and I am absolutely lost, barely able to function. How does it get better? I’m dreading going to work next week?

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I haven’t been able to go back to work yet my dad died two months ago but I took a month off beforehand to spend with him as we knew he was dying. I just can’t face seeing people who knew me before as I feel like I’m not that person anymore. My job requires me to be happy and enthusiastic and I’m the total opposite of that at the moment, i can’t bare having to put on an act it’s so exhausting. What I will say is that each day is different so one day you might feel like doing something and other days not. Take care xx

Anna71 I’m so sorry for your loss. I feel for you. My mum died in the summer and it’s just so hard. Can you see if you can take some more time off work? It seems very soon to go back. I was all over the place in the first few weeks. I’m sure they’d understand.

Sorry to hear of your loss Anna and I can empathise with you totally.
I too lost my mum suddenly and as far as we knew wasn’t ill. One weekend we were on holiday doing Xmas shopping and within a week she was gone. And to have had to content with Xmas without her, yesterday would have been her birthday :cry: x
I have had to go back to work mainly for my mental health as the loneliness and despair was making me not want to be here anymore.
Going back to work was so hard but I have found it’s helped a little but as soon as in car at end of shift I just sit and cry but it’s more like a welcome release than outpouring of grief.

I have found writing a daily journal of what conversations I want to have with her have helped me and I only now take one day at a time and feel like an imposter in my own body and life…I recognise nothing anymore but hoping it will come in time.

Keep posting as everyone here all know what it’s and will give great support especially on bad days.

Take care x

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