So much loss

Hi my name is ian I was married for 27 years my wife was my soulmate my best friend my wife passed away suddenly from long qt syndrome 6 months before that I lost my mum then on November 27th 2020 my daughter who was just 21 had a cardiac arrest and died in hospital 2 days later from long qt syndrome which can be fatal in seconds I am now at a loss grieving for my daughter has become very hard they say time heals I’ve yet to see it I blame myself for my daughters death as a year after my wife passed away I suffered a stroke and my daughter became my sole carer I think if I hadn’t had my stroke my daughter would still be I’m so lonely and miss all three so much people tell me losing a child u never get over it I believe that cos I feel I’m just existing not living I can’t live as the pain of my daughter is horrific I don’t know wot I’ve done to deserve this but know I miss rhem all so much


Hello @Ian_49

I cannot imagine the pain you are going through after losing your dearest mum, wife and young daughter in such a short period of time. Please do not blame yourself for your daughter’s death because I am sure you’d have done the same to take care of her like she did to you.

Are you living alone now? Is someone taking care of you?

Worrying about you…

I know how you are feeling. It is hard losing Achiltibuie. You always expect the. to outlive,you. You are in shock. I lost my daughter 2 years in april and it hurts so much… but you have to take one day at a time. I have her 2 little girls that i have custody for to keep me focused. Try to find something to focus on. Bern

Dear ian, I cannot tell you how much your message has caused me to tear up. I am so sorry that you have experienced these setbacks. Somehow, I just wish there was something I could do to help you — I’ve been told that too, but somehow it doesn’t take the pain away — I know that! Please let us know how you are doing - our thoughts and prayers are with you .
Again, I am so sorry that you are going thru these losses. I’ve gone thru losses as well, so I want you to know I do sympathize with you and for you.
Herb (aka greencat1950)

Thank you never ever thought in my wildest dreams this would happen to me 2 years ago my life was as normal as anyone can be then to lose my daughter and my wife and my mum I have wot is the point of carrying on but I know the devastation that is left behind and I have to think of my 2 other daughters and my 2 grandchildren but thank you for lovely reply

Dear Ian, one more thing - as you may already know, my heart goes out to you — This weekend, all I could do was think of my departed wife - (it almost kills me - I wish it were me in place of her). I grieve for you as well as the others going thru these tremendous losses in our so-called life journey. So please know you are not alone and please take care of yourself as well. If you need to share more - please do not hesitate to write back again. Once again, my sorrow is extended to you.

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