So Sad Abroad

My son got married last Tuesday in Cyprus.
It was a beautiful wedding, with all the friends and family there, except for the groom’s mum, my darling wife.
My son wore a chain his mum had had made for the wedding, his wife a matching bracelet.
There was a framed photo of my wife as a bride at the visitors book and i had Susans wedding ring on a chain.
I just about held it together for the ceremony and Ive had good company all week, but they all had flights last night. Im here till the 1am flight on my own.
I knew this would be a bitter-sweet trip, but now I’m alone, Im losing it big time. Ive been coping well up till now, but today im on full grief mode. Lying at the pool im expecting to see her in the next sunbed. Sitting in the bar, there’s an empty seat in front of me and the tears are welling in my eyes.
Susan left us just 4 months ago and grief has come in waves, but i wasnt expecting today’s tsunami.


I’m 15 months in since losing my wife and contemplating a holiday on my own, you have highlighted some of the things that I would need to cope with if I do go, for me I need to go somewhere in Greece where we haven’t been together ,so no reminders.
You’re a brave bloke to go knowing that at the end you would be left on your own, you’ve done well.
Best wishes.

No matter where you are abroad or at home the loss is so great my husband died of a heart attack 18th April suddenly last weekend my daughters and son in laws arranged a bbq in our garden and to see them cooking when it was always dannys job was heartbreaking everywhere reminds me of him and wherever you are you will be lost without your wife you have done a brave thing and I’m sure your son will be proud of his dad

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