So sad and lonely

Thank you for letting me join the group. I like everyone here ,going
Through a rough time . I was looking after an ex partner who sadly passed away last April . During his last weeks I was taken seriously ill myself with a lung abscess and pneumonia.I was in hospital for a few weeks . I was also caring for my partner who had Parkinson’s . My being in hospital brought on a big change in his illness . During that time my daughters mother in law who was a friend of mine passed away due to Covid . Then my dearest partner had a stroke . I managed to get him home but he passed away three days later . He was my world . He has two sons that now want me to leave the home so they can sell it . Going against their fathers wishes . Sorry if I’ve gone on a bit much .

Dear Janwell22
What a difficult year this must have been for you. You have lost 3 people you loved, had a serious illness yourself, and on top of all that you are now at risk of losing the home your partner shared with you. I am no expert in legal matters but did your partner make a will and did he leave the house to his sons? I would suggest you start by seeking expert advice, maybe from a citizen’s advice bureau, to find out what your rights are. If you are finding it difficult to talk with your partner’s sons about he situation, do you have someone you trust who can maybe speak with them on your behalf? They must be grieving too having lost their father, and sometimes a third person can help to see things from a different perspective.

Dear Janwell, I am so sorry for all your loss, please please seek Legal advice, as I used to work for a solicitors, and the whether his sons can sell the house and have you move out foley depends on how long you lived with your partner, so please seak advice and don’t just move on, everyone on this site is so helpful, please let us know if everything turns out ok for you God Bless

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Thank you so much for your advice , I have been considering legal help
so I will look into it .It’s definitely worth a try . Since I’ve been so low I’ve allowed
his sons to say and do what they want .Time I did something about it . I hope you are alright
and thank you again x