so sad

Its my first Christmas with out my mum and my little girl who both passed away this year.
Still having counciling for my losses and grief and now i have to cope with this family time of year ,when mine is lossed

I can’t imagine how you feel. Me and my wife recently lost our baby at 26 weeks. The pain is horrible, but talking about it has really helped.

Have you got family or close friends you could reach out too, and say how much you are struggling with this time of the year?

yes family and friends but they have lost thier niece and mum so its hard for every one ,my grief is hard as my mum was 81 and had a life ,but she was my best friend ,my elle was only 11,was daddies girl,ive been having therapy,im sorry for your loss ,the pain is un bearable

Hello Mozza, so sorry for the loss of your Mum and your daughter Elle. To lose them in this way is especially heartbreaking. I hope therapy is allowing you time and space to talk about how you are feeling. I find it painful to recall memories; good and bad. I can’t tell you how I got through last Christmas following my husband’s death because it’s just a blur. You have advice, understanding and experience right here at your fingertips, so keep on posting. Thinking of you, xx

Thank you,im trying but its so hard,this time last year i was in gosh with Elle,she loved rainbows,i hope you are doing ok thankyou so much for your kind words Ian

It is so hard Ian, to just get through each day and sometimes for me, it’s hour by hour. You have beautiful memories of your Elle. I like that she loved rainbows; so did my husband. Take care, x

So sorry for your losses I know what you are going through, sending my love xx

Thankyou,its so hard to cope but im pushing myself ,its my first christmas with out them,Elle used to do all my cards and wrap the prezzies.x thinking of you

Morning Mozza, it’s good that you are finding the strength to get through this first Christmas without the help of Elle and your Mum. We carry on as best we can…with their love tucked up in our hearts, best wishes, x

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