So strange

I lost my wife on the 20th May. We thought we had beaten cancer but no it came back. Since then I have done my best to carry but each day I cry , each day I don’t understand how , but most of all I miss her. But I want to say that’s okay. Things I find strange sorry there are a few. What’s for tea? I can t watch a new TV series as no one to share it with. Taking on board what I say goes if I want chips and cheese for tea that’s what I have. Christmas and her birthday are on the horizon which were big things for us. I have know idea how it it will workout BUT I say again in my humble opinion that is all right. Please speak out if you are struggling, please be emotional if you feel emotional and please don’t feel you are alone but sometimes you will. I can honestly say a my life is shit but I know I was lucky to have met my wife. Take care everyone.


I decided that I would go away to where we went after Nancy beat Cancer 5 years ago. In my head I won’t to go anywhere new as like TV series I want to share it with someone.

It was lovely seeing the places we shared after a strange and challenging time.

So let’s get negative for a while for me a hotel room was a bad mistake felt like going back to cell every night. Nice hotel I must admit but usually with someone I love.

Table for one that hurts.

But it was so nice to reflect on those great times we had that at the time we did not appreciate.

Boy I miss Nancy but how lucky was I!!

Take care everyone