so tired

I lost my Dad to dementia 20 months ago. I had so much to deal with at first, which probably took my mind off things, but now I seem to be going backwards. I get so down and anxious every day. I hate waking up in the morning, even though I can’t sleep. I wish I could get some energy back and get on with my life. I’m so exhausted

@lfc73 I understand how you are feeling. I lost my wife of 35 years at the start of January and there was so much to do it kept my mind off it. Now that everything is sorted i am just in a daze. The world has turned grey. I can’t sleep at night but do not want to get up in the morning.
I went to the doctor and was diagnosed with depression & anxiety. I am currently on medication & waiting for a bereavement counsellor.
It might be worth talking to your doctor because it sound to me like depression.
sending you a hug

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Grief is so exhausting and just saps all the energy from you.
Try to be kind to yourself and let yourself grieve but you do need sleep for energy as well as eating well and getting some support.
There’s no timescale for this journey but do go seek help if you feel it’s grown into something more than it was.
Sending hugs x

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Ifc73 Grief is exhausting You have had a double dose as you were looking after someone too before they died If I was you I d look at my diet exercise and sleep patterns Are you eating healthy are you able to sleep well If not both of these issues will add to your problems Secondly see your GP maybe u are depressed Also get a blood test maybe you are lacking some vitamins or minerals I bet you have been neglecting your own health while you were caring Hope you feel better soon

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Gizziecat3 thanks for reaching out.
I do suffer from depression and anxiety and take medication. I’ll see how I go on with them
So sorry for your loss,best wishes to you

Roni52 thanks so much for responding to my post, your advice is very much appreciated, hopefully ill get a good nights sleep tonight ,I need it

Stranger1 you were so right that I had a double dose. When I was caring for my Dad I knew at the time the caring would take its toll, but what can you do, he was my Dad and my responsibility, he would have done the same for me.
I receive the bereavement text support and I may apply for the counciling