So unbelievable.

Hi. I lost 3 family members in 18 days few weeks ago. Sister 20th November brother 9 days later 29th November and just taking this in when my husband of 58 yrs died 9 days later 8th December. I feel as if I have been hit with a sledgehammer. Have wonderful family who looked after me over Xmas and new year but reality has set in. OK for few hrs then waves of tears. I feel so tired can’t get motivated. At least I held my husband’s hand at home at the end. I am strong and it will get better but I feel the loss of a husband /partner late in life must be one of the worst. Apart from loss of a child.

Omg I don’t really no what to say,I am so sorry,the pain I am feeling for my husband is so bad he died December the 5th pain is so bad xx

My goodness how awful for you so very sorry for your losses
I lost my partner and dad within 4 years and thats been hard but to loose 3 members of your family within weeks my goodness i just dont know what yo say other than im so sorry and thinking of you xx

Thank u. Today I feel particularly bad. Crying on and off all day. Bcos alone. If family with me would put on smiley face. My daughters are grieving too but edge taken off as have family and work to fill their days. I will try to take positives from our situation. Tears are supposed to be healing. I hope so.

I am so so very sorry. I can’t begin to imagine the pain you must be going through right now. I lost my Sister on New Years Eve and I feel like I can’t breath and I’m completely out of my body and just going through the motions. To hear about your tragic situation makes me so deeply sad for you. I hope that this community gives you some comfort. My heart goes out to you xxx

Thank u so much for replying. Feel I haven’t properly grieved for my kid sister or brother as my husband’s death has been all consuming. At least I facetimed and managed to speak to my sister couple days before she passed and spoke to my brother couple of days b4 he passed. And was beside my husband holding his hand.
I was his carer so role now gone. In time have to find new path for myself. They are all at peace… no more suffering for them.
That’s what I have to hold on to. I have my eldest brother in Australia but he doesn’t understand the devastation of losing a husband/partner. But of course shares my grief for our sister and brother. Sorry for Yr loss. Its so very hard to take in. X

How comforting it must be to know you spoke to your siblings shortly before they passed. Hold onto that, it was a gift. I could have spent Christmas Day with my Sister but chose not to because of some stupid falling out. I will regret that forever. Death gives you hard lessons it appears. Please take care of yourself during this devastating time for you. My thoughts are with you xx

Sorry. I never replied to u. It must be awful u falling out with your sister. U must have spent happy times with her. Hold on to that and don’t beat yourself up. It’s four weeks today that I lost my husband and I cried my eyes out. I sometimes think I should or shouldn’t have said that or I should or shouldn’t have done that. We all go over memories and probably most of us feel guilty about this or that. If it had been me that had gone maybe it wld be my husband thinking the same. None of us are perfect. Yes death give us all hard lessons. Take care.

Dear Ellie, just wanted to send you a line with some words of support. I think not being able to meet and socialise during the pandemic makes grief thousand times worse. Sending all my love xx