So unhappy

I lost my daughter and granddaughter nearly 9 years ago and can’t get over it


I am so sorry. those are terrible losses. I don’t blame you for being still deep in grief. I know a man 92 now who lost his wife and daughter though he has one grandson. I lost my parents and only child and I know the empty feeling. you are not alone in feeling alone, not at all. but persevere only because it is the better alternative. If you can live in peace with yourself somehow and share with others who may also so grieve.

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You’ll never get over it, however here is a safe place to vent your anger or share how you are feeling. Just know you aren’t alone xx


I lost my daughter and granddaughter 9years ago don’t know what to do

Anyone there?

I am so sorry for your losses that must plague you.

I am sitting here too with losses and they stack up, wondering what to do. you are not alone. your losses are very hard ones.

I am truly sorry. after I lost my family, I had to get into the world. I joined social clubs, write, make friends where I can.

it is HARD. but I have no choice. sometimes i look at obits, almost with envy.

but I try to use my time well … but it is not easy.

if you can find some specific support groups where others have lost as you have you may find some support. it is so challenging and as we get older, we care less.

today, I am alone too, to do my stupid errands, swim, eat a little, watch t.v. I do feel for you.