So up and down

I can think I am making progress but then it seems to catch me all over again.

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Hi Trishj, I don’t think that’s at all unusual. You are not going backwards, but through another cycle. They talk about a roller coaster ride, and there are massive ups and downs, but another way of looking at it is like climbing a spiral staircase. You seem to be going round in circles but you are gradually climbing up out of your grief. Best wishes.


Hi, agree with Neil. I find it is one step forwards, two steps back at times.

Sympathise completely, I am finding things very hard at the moment.

Thank you Neil. Well I can certainly see that things have moved on over the months. I find I am better when busy but then I get so tired and stop trying so hard. That can be when it hits. Or when there are problems - most of them Andy would be there to talk them over with or help out so it just emphasises it.

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Thank you Mel. Sorry to hear you are struggling too. If I look overall I can see that there is improvement but it takes so little to knock me back and it does seem I am just feeling I have made progress and then I go right down again.