So worried history is repeating itself

Lost my husband last year now my mum is very poorly and I’m so scared I’m losing her as well. I’m moved in with her to care for her she doesn’t want to go to hospital says she’ll die there like jim did. I wake every morning dreading goin in her room incase she’s gone. I find myself sitting up cemetery crying to scared to go home. Doctor is no help just told her to rest and drink plenty she’s 81 and said today that doctors don’t care when your old and she’s being a burden to me which she isn’t at all I love her to bits my heads all over the place I wish jim was here he would know what to do sorry for rant but I’m no one else to talk to and I’m desperate.


Dear @Misprint

I can feel the pain in your post and there is no need to apologise. I am pleased you feel you can come on here to reach out, that is what we are here for. What do you think Jim would have done in this situation?

You can always talk to 111 for general health information and advice. They are available 24/7. I have used them in the past for myself and they are very helpful and do not judge you. It would be worth considering phoning them even it is for peace of mind.

Please take care Misprint, you are not alone and please just keep reaching out here. We are all here for you.

Take care.



Maybe look at it in a different way, your mums GP isn’t overly concerned, this may be a mild illness type of virus that takes longer to get over when your old, hence drink fluids & rest.

I think when we’ve lost a loved one we worry a lot more about the ones left.

Try and take a breath & think no one has said she’s seriously ill, she’ll probably be feeling a lot better in a few days and you’ll be thoroughly relieved & your mum will be thankful for your help when she needed some tender loving care.

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I have no words to say that will help you but please keep talking to us all. We will help you through this.
Keep doing what you’re doing - sounds like you are an amazing wife and daughter.
Sending many hugs and much love xxx

I’m so sorry you mum is really unwell, I assume your GP is the one in the town where you live. I would be a pest and keep phoning them. Our GP in the next town was very good and sent out a doctor or nurse practitioner when Doug was really unwell.
Or as Pepsi said ring 111. I hope she starts to feel better soon and you can get some rest and piece of mind.
Sending love
Debbie X

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I really feel rough today …did not sleep at all…
Missing my Sister’s, Nephew and Stepdad…still feel it all happened yesterday…past 2 years have been hell
Losing 4 family members…and and death’s door TWICE myself…COVID hospitalised and was knocking on heaven’s door not thinking I’d get through it…then September after my Sister’s funeral … September 2021 with serious Virus in my head… Catatonia…
8 weeks in hospital and I am still getting over it…sheer exhaustion one trauma after another… It’s so difficult to grieve…family say 'move on and stop worrying! If only it was that easy
I miss my Sister’s Dearly and my Stepdad of 40 yrs…they were big big part of my life
And my poor Nephew he was only 42…left his wife and 5 kids without a Dad x we all miss him too

I am trying to support one of his daughters who is 20 and has Autism and other mental health issues but finding it very difficult
My heart bleeds for everyone of you on this hub…life just does not seem fair xx