Sobbing again

I would normally have my mum round for tea on a Sunday :sob:


It’s all those things that hurt so much. Routines that are no more, now that everything has changed. :cry: Sending hugs. :heart:

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Hugs to you Pixiecat. :hugs: I currently have Songs of praise playing in mums room whilst im in the kitchen and i can just hear her singing along to the hymns :broken_heart:

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:people_hugging: it comes in waves, and I’m at the top of a massive one :heart:


Love and hugs :people_hugging: to you :sparkling_heart:

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Sorry to hear it, I know the feeling. Much love and strength. :heart::purple_heart::heart:

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Hi Pixiecat,

The loss of a routine is all part of the grief process and it’s ok to have a good cry!

In time a new Sunday routine will happen but for the time being remember the happy Sunday Teas with your Mum.

Sending Hugs


I’ll try my best :heart:


Hiya thanks for your support, it does us good :people_hugging:


Me too, wave feels like a tsunami :smiling_face_with_tear:

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Absolutely but hopefully everything will improve for everyone on here, the sad part is that we don’t feel it :cry:


Hi how are you feeling today, hopefully a bit better, I’d feel better if my head didn’t feel like it was going to explode xx

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I got those type of headaches, feels like a pressure cooker wanting to explode, they are not like normal headaches. I get mine on top of my forehead all the way round. I have never had this before until I lost my son. How are you feeling today xx

Hiya that’s exactly what I mean about the head, it’s not really an ache but like you say it’s pressure. To be honest I’m struggling today, not that it’s much better any other day. I’ve lost all hope today but dragged myself out with the dog and feel a bit more settled. Hope you are doing well, take care :heart:

Some days are worse than others I find. Glad you got out for a walk with the dog, I think that helps. I loose myself in exercise every day. Take care xx

Hi thanks for posting, I actually feel half human now, I can’t believe the utter desperation I most of the day and then life seems to kick in, just enough to get through till bedtime. Does anyone else feel like this? It’s so frustrating :tired_face:

Hey, that sounds like me today. Lost all hope but dragged myself out. Not sure I feel more settled yet though. :pensive:

I know exactly what you mean. It’s like being sucked into a sinkhole then you start scrambling back up x

Hiya So sorry for your loss, it’s very cruel this grief, but with the support on here I’m hoping everyone on here including myself gets through the pain and moves forward with their loved ones in their hearts with peace instead of pain, take care :heart:

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