socio economic standing, loss

I see now how much my socio-economic standing is reduced after losing my parents.

I am still a pretty girl but it is hard because I feel like a social pariah. Loneliness is a killer in more ways than one.

Death takes so much with it, including that. After I was laid off and then took care of mom and dad, I have lost so much.

I am a nice ethical person, well-dressed and educated. But this is really killing me. I feel like such a loser. I hate having to compete in society. I just cannot anymore. I isolate and it makes it worse. Then the world is messed up. I am so tired of feeling bad.

Dear @berit

I am sorry to hear of the loss of both your parents.

Thank you for sharing an open and honest post with the Community which is not always easy to do.

You are not a loser at all. Loneliness is awful and our thoughts just go wild and trigger off thoughts which are not true about ourselves. Have you got friends and family you can invite around or go out with?

Have you considered booking an appointment with your GP to let them know how you are feeling and to see how they can support you?

For someone to talk to straight away there is the Samaritans on 116 123. The call is free. Sometimes it does help just to talk to someone and get your thoughts off your mind. It is all confidential.

You have made a big step by reaching out and we are all here to support you at any time. You are not alone.

If you need further information please email

Please take care of yourself.


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