Solo holiday

I’m 3 years down the line & on a “good” day I booked a coach holiday for a week.

Been been away on my own but I thought a coach holiday would be a good start.

I’m a friendly person & thought there will be a couple of other people on there own so it would be fine.

On the coach I was sat next to a man & his wife & daughter were across the aisle, I said a couple of general things & he gave one word answers without even looking up, but I just thought “oh well”.

Once at the hotel I realised that everyone was a couple! Oh no…

At dinner I was at a table on my own.

Throughout the week I tried general chat with every couple but no one was very friendly.

I’ve never felt so alone.

I asked the coach driver about it & he said a lot of couples aren’t friendly as they don’t want to be “lumbered” with a person that’s on there own.

So when my husband was alive I was known to be articulate, a good laugh & good conversationist, but now he is gone I’m looked on as someone to be “lumbered” with??

I think I may have just been unlucky with the other passengers on the holiday, has anyone had a positive experience of going on holiday alone?


I’m sure you’re right and you were unlucky with the other passengers.
Some people aren’t very friendly and unfortunately you found some on this holiday.
When I think of the holidays my husband and I have been on where we’ve met and made friends with people on their own. I’m still in touch with a lovely lady we met in 2010.
I’m not up to booking a holiday just yet, but I wish you lots of luck for next time.

Well done for going- I think that’s brilliant. I do think though that a bit of experimentation is needed to find the right kind of holiday.

I haven’t been on holiday solo yet but I will do. I think its probably hit and miss, and the luck of the draw as to whether you get decent people or not on an ordinary holiday and i think its likely to be mostly couples who don’t want to know. I know that that sense of rejection would hurt me, so I will probably book with a company that specialises in holidays for solo travellers. There are quite a few out there from what I’ve seen on the Internet.
Best wishes to everyone
Sophie x


Well done for going on the holiday and I’m so sorry people weren’t as friendly to you as they should have been. I’m sure there must be other people go on these holidays on their own think you have been unlucky on this occasion.
My mam and dad used to go on coach holidays all the time and a while after my dad died my mam announced she was going on her own. Me and my sister were worried but she was fine. There was no stopping her after that and she met people like herself on her own. She met one lady who she got very friendly with and they ended up going on trips together.
Looking back now that I am in the position I have so much respect for her (and you) for doing it.
I don’t think I could. Confidence is at an all time low



I’m so sorry to hear of your experience. I would also suggest you look at holidays specifically for those that are travelling alone. I’m currently looking at Just You Solos- just one of a few options I believe.

So don’t be put off. Well done for giving it a go. Next time, it will be better!

Sending love and positivity



Sophie, you have suggested exactly what I was going to say. Solo holidays are a great place to start. I would also suggest special interest holidays where you know you will also have something in common. For me it might be an easy walking holiday or a sewing weekend.

Something I will probably think about at some stage.

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I’m going on a cruise by myself at the end of the month and I’ve been told that the cruise line hold special get togethers for solo people. Looking forward to it. xx

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Hi Flower Garden
I lost my darling wife to cancer 5 months ago and I struggle to cope with everything. We used to go abroad twice every year and enjoyed some fantastic holidays. My daughters keep telling me to try a trip on my own but I don’t even go out to meet friends now , Having read your post I can see that it’s difficult to have a holiday on your own with couples, I’ve sent for Solo holidays brochures hoping to find a suitable break , I’m not looking forward to travelling on my own yet and don’t know if I ever will be

Please let me know how it goes. We always loved cruises when my husband was alive and it’s something I think I could do on my own. Happy travelling :blush:

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Thanks for your post Georgie 15
I’ll let you know how I get on Once I’ve received the brochures
Best wishes Steve have

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I went on my own and I agree it is all about luck.
Some days are very lonely with no one to talk to but then you get that at home as well. I think have to have a mindset for it. I try to grow a thicker skin but it is tough. I haven’t tried a holiday for solo people.
People suggest these doing holidays but if you cant drive very far nor get to them it is off-putting.