Some days are so much harder

Today is 1 year since my dad got his test results back. He sadly passed away in February I didn’t know how long we had with him. I thought after it hit 6 months it would get slightly easier, that’s what people told me. They have no idea! Some days I feel ok and other days I feel like it’s never going to get any better :frowning:

@Miss.S so sorry for the loss of your Dad. My Mum passed away to cancer 6 months ago and I am struggling with it at the moment. I think I was in denial at first and now it has really hit me. There is so much to sort out in the beginning, I feel that took up my time and now that isn’t there I have more time to think and let it sink it. I just wanted to let you know you’re not alone and many of us, including me feel the same. Talk about it on here if you find it helps x

Sending you a huge hug. My dad passed away three months ago and my husband 17 months ago. The hard day’s do just creep up sometimes without any triggers at all. X

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Hi i am so so sorry for your loss. My dad left in May 2018 and I still struggle now. I am the first born and a girl so had a very special relationship with my dad . I suppose you just manage the loss and pain and I cry often in private I still have my dads clothes I chose all wrapped up so I can smell him occasionally I think this helps but everyone is different x