Some Days (Poem)

They tell me life’s a journey
That will take me many years
Some days are filled with laughter
And some days are filled with tears

Some days I think my heart will break
That I can’t persevere
Some days I have to don a mask
And hide beneath its veneer

Some days I turn and look for you
With thoughts I’d like to share
Some days I just can’t understand
The reason you’re not there

Some days the sadness leaves me
And my smile will reappear
Some days I close my eyes because
Your memory is so clear

Some days I struggle to go on
Just wishing you were near
Most days I spend in gratitude
That you were ever here


Beautiful x Miche24

Thank you. Beautiful words that accurately describe our heartache.

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Dear Sad2

I’m so sorry you and your family are grieving a loss. Sometimes poetry is the only way to express our feelings, and your poem was really lovely. If you want more help to get through this time please keep writing and I hope it helps.

with very best wishes


What a beautiful poem, it comes straight from your heart :heart:

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That’s a lovely poem and sums up how we feel xx


Thank you for posting sums up how we all feel thank you and so sorry for your loss xx

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A beautiful poem and meaningful for anyone who has lost a loved one.

Your words sum up my feelings so well. My Husband died 18 months ago.