Something Special

I once had something special that money couldn’t buy
I had a special person, but I had to say goodbye
If I were asked one question why I thought the world of you
I could give a million answers and they would all be true

The heartache and the sadness may not always show
People say it lessens, but little do they know
Meet me in my dreams and talk to me once more
And ease this everlasting pain that makes my heart so sore

The road without you is so long
A tear for every mile
But I know one day when I reach the end
You will be waiting for me with a smile


Beautiful words.

G. X

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I feel every word of that, it’s beautiful

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So so lovely

It’s really so brave and so thoughtful and kind of you to share the poems you have written so personally for your soulmate and darling.

They all mean so much to so many of us.

THANK YOU :pray::pray::hugs::hugs: