I have been so upset today crying and no idea why i just miss my son so muvh

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Hi Jacci I’m the same as you I spend my days cryin. I lost my daughter 9 weeks. All I can say is let the tears flow which I do and will continue to do. I really do not know when I will come out of this dark hole​:sob::sob::sob::broken_heart::broken_heart::broken_heart:sending you a hug x

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Hi Jacci - I guess you are crying cos you miss your boy and you love him. That’s a pretty good reason to cry. You’ve had probably the most enormous loss anyone experiences. We expect our children to outlive us and then the worst happens and we are left bereft. Crying is good tho it doesn’t feel like it. My daughter died about 14 months ago. The first months felt like pure hell and I’m sure lots of people on here will tell you the same. I knew from the moment my girl died that I couldn’t manage this alone. It took a good few months before I actively sought help and the two go to places are here and Compassionate Friends. All people who ‘get it’ cos they have lost children too. At the worst times I kept reminding myself to ‘keep on keeping on’. If you haven’t done so already it’s worth seeing your GP. I was offered anti depressants and they help me. Everyone is different tho and different things help different people. What’s really helped me is knowing that all this utter pain and hopelessness is ‘normal’ when you lose a child. Many of us have trauma too and that’s not unusual at all. You are going through something no mum or dad wants to ever experience but you’ve had the strength to come on here. It’s a good start and you will find support and understanding here. It’s happened to us too. Sending you hugs and kindness xxxx

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Hello to those of us who have lost a child.I am a widow of 12 years and our only son died March 2022.I have cried every day for over a year.I miss my son so very very much.He was my life and a wonderful support to me when his dad died.After all he was grieving too.He was a really loving son funny kind and so full of knowledge.But I sometimes think why was his life so hard.He had addictions which he hated He developed COPD then cancer.His lovely girlfriend of many years passed 4 years ago.Why did it all happen to him.He was never woe is me.They never had children also a real sadness.My grief for my loss is overwhelming but my grief for the loss of the life he should have had brings me so much heartache.I do have friends family who are supportive .However they all have their own families and unless you have lost a child yourself nobody could understand.I am lucky in so far as I get out have little breaks it does help.However I know I will continue to cry every day but I will live with it and just try to carry on as best I can.I took myself on my own Sunday for Mothers Day afternoon tea.I enjoyed the day and yes I did have a little weep .But I got through it I am crying now but will face another day tomorrow . I have arranged lunch with a friend.This is my life now untill I meet my men again and I think I am accepting it.Yes we are all different and hopefully we can all find a way to live with the pain and loss in our own way. My love and hugs to you all going through this unbearable loss Marg xxxxx


Jacci your a Mom. Your heart is heavy. You miss your child. I am almost at 4 yrs of losing my son at 17. It does get a little easier. Moment by moment. Day by day. Support is what your heart needs. Please let those who love you care for you. I am grateful for the support. I have learned so much on this journey. And continue to learn. Your welcome to message me. Hang in there. You are not alone.

You will get through it. I am almost 4 years. I wish i knew about this. I felt like I was grieving alone without my spouse. I continue to learn a lot in this journey. I miss my Laloboy daily but the sting is a little lighter. If you want to talk I am here. Having a few to talk to is lonely on this journey. Hang in there.