Recently found my son dead

I am so sorry ,it really hurts to lose a child of any age. My son was 47 died of secondary bone cancer within 3months.

So sorry, my son died in August. I wont lie its not going to be easy but chatting on these boards help


I am so sorry, I too found my son passed away, aged 35. All I can say is minute by minute, and this site is a lifeline. Say how you feel, anything which can help you through this awful journey.

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Thank you nights are the worst and o one to talk to

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I think I’m a lucky one as I sleep so well, even on that Friday as I call it, I slept well, maybe because I knew my son was at peace and not fighting the demon drugs anymore. Every day is so hard emotionally but the pain sometimes subsides which helps. Try and do what you can, not set rules for this hell journey. Minute by minute works. I also find writing a daily journal to myself helps…worth a try. X

Oh im so sorry. I just lost my darling son. Nobody gets it. Im here if you need to chat x

Thank u so much x