Song at end of cremation help

Hi really struggling to find the right song to play at end of my dads cremation. I love in the arms of the angels but when I’ve actually read all the lyrics it doesnt really apply to him I just love the melody and the words “In the arms of the angels”. Anyone have any lovely ideas to help me?

My mums favourite song was “over the rainbow”. The original version sung by Judy Garland

Or how about “Dance with my father”. By Luther van dross

‘In my life’, by the Beatles.

Good Mornng,
A lot of people have Wind between my wings,Bett Miller or Nat King Coles Unforgetable.
I had my Husband football team song but that depends whether Dad was into football, also I had I will always love you the Dolly Parton version not Whitney Houstons
Just some suggestions or can you think of Dads Favouite.
Tak Care

I always think its lovely to have something upbeat as you leave the crematorium.
It makes people smile rather than cry as they walk out.
My mum had ’ I wanna be like you’ from Jungle Book.
It was one of her favourite songs, cheered everyone up and had people dancing along as they walked out.


Or “bring him home” a song from Les Miserables. It’s heartbreakingly beautiful.

Cheryl. My mum loved radio gaga by queen. I so wanted to play it. But dad said no. I wished I had had that. I would have had a boogie on the way out. Clapping my hands in the air as mum used to.

It brings me to tears thinking about it but my mum would have loved everyone having a jig as they left.
Queen would have been great at your mums x

Jooles, I can’t listen to “bring him home” anymore. Too painful.
Penny “What a wonderful World” by Louis Armstrong is lovely. Another old song, “We meet again” Vera Lynn. Perhaps, these songs are just not modern enough.
“Thank you for the Days” the kinks and Kirsty Mccoll is nice.

These were the Days of our Lives, Queen.

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We played that at the end of mums funeral Mary


It’s a lovely song, MaryL and Jooles.

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If you want to lighten the mood ‘Another One Bites the Dust’. Worked a treat at Dad’s funeral.

Love all these ideas thanks everyone

Smile by Johnny Mathis is what we played at Mum’s cremation.

I chose Johnny Cash These Things Shall Pass. Listen to the words - they’re lovely. It helped as my dad would sing it to me when I was sad.

There’s a Daniel O’Donnell song too called Beyond the Rainbows End. It’s beautiful.

Hi there, I lost my dad earlier this year and had Dancing in the Sky , By Alisha Mae just summed up how I felt and what I hoped for him. Please do have a listen, Breaks my heart every time I hear it but also brings a smile to my face. Sincere condolences, the saddest of time xx

Dancing in the Sky bu Alisha Mae. Felt it was the most perfect song when I lost mum and Dad earlier this year. Much love x

There’s no right or wrong with this, you’ll know when you find the song. Friends mum had Wham’s wake me up before you go go :thinking: my uncle had Johnny be good and at my mum’s we had Elvis Presley’s Amazing Grace.

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We had This is me from the Greatest showman for my Daughter and Sun by 2 door cinema club for my 16yr old son,his favorite band